CG Questions :: October 4, 2020


Sermon Questions

Sunday, October 4th, 2020


CG Questions 10.4.20 

Sermon Title: Recognizing Superman 

Text: Matthew 17:1-9 

Discussion Questions:

1.  Talk about what God is speaking to you through the Personal Jesus devotional. 

2.  Share about some ‘transfiguring’ experiences you’ve had with Jesus. These are times when you’ve been caught up in a sense of awe and majesty in the presence of God.

        Have you permitted yourself to live in a shallow world that is missing that sense of wonder and astonishment of who Jesus is? 

        What truth or concept from the sermon can help you move towards recognizing Jesus in a fuller way? 

3.  Read Hebrew 1:3. This verse tells us that Jesus Christ is the exact imprint of God’s nature.

        Jesus reveals to us God’s heart, and how God thinks and feels.  

        What areas of your life have your family of origin, past experiences, hurts or something else clouded that true picture of God? 

        How can you begin to invite Jesus into those areas? 

4.  What rituals or traditions are you deferring to instead of personal, firsthand knowledge of Jesus?

         God’s ultimate plan is to bring you close. This week, how will accept that invitation to put aside the old and enter into a new deeper, and more personal relationship with Jesus? 

5.  Jesus lost his glory that we could enter his glory. Jesus came, made contact, and removed our sin.  Now, as a follower of Jesus, your heart is the tabernacle of God.

        How would fully embracing this truth change your daily life? 

6.  Dedicate the last 5 minutes of your gathering to pray this prayer together: 

        Jesus, reveal yourself to me even more. I want to live every day with a greater awareness of your nearness and power.