CG Questions :: Sunday March 28, 2021


Sermon Questions

Sunday, March 28th, 2021


CG Questions 3.28.21

Sermon Title: We’re Gonna Get There.

Text: Acts 28:1-6

Discussion Questions:

1. What was one concept or truth from the sermon that God really spoke to you through? What did you sense him saying?

2. In the Bible text, Paul finally arrives ‘safe on shore’, and then gets bit by a snake! Just when he thought he’d arrived at that safe place, something unexpected happens. How have you seen this scenario played out in your life over these past 6-12 months?

3. Paul ‘shook off the snake’, and believed in the promises God had given him. As you reflect on your answer to question #2 – how has your relationship with Jesus and faith in his promises help you ‘shake off’ discouragement and distraction? 

4. The past year has been an unprecedented time for this generation. It caused many of us to step away from fully pursuing God. As you think about your life, what are the fundamentals of your walk with Christ that need to be strengthened at this time?

5. Is there someone you know who has drifted from their faith? Take time as a group to pray for specifically for those people. Speak the promises of God’s faithfulness over their lives.