Week 6: Free to Love

- 2/19/2021

Headspace: Week 6
Sermon Title: Free to Love

Big Idea:Sacred limits bring life.
Text: Daniel 6:10

  1. Last week, as you intentionally chose to view all people as created in the image of God, how did you interact differently with others? Be specific.

  2. This week’s sermon drove home the point that while external freedom is incredibly important, true freedom begins internally. On your spiritual journey in Christ, how have you experienced this truth? In other words, how has inward freedom played out in your everyday life?

  3. In the sermon we learned that Daniel had an openness that led to freedom. He didn’t hide or posture in order to prove himself. He lived his life the same wherever he was. This brought a life of confidence and rest.

    What is God speaking to you through this example? What would it specifically look like for you to walk out the openness that leads to the freedom Christ offers you?

  4. What would it look like to untangle yourself from the cultural definition of freedom and to radically submit every area of your life to God? Think specifically. Consider your habits, relationships, choices, affections and resources. What are your next steps of submission in these areas?