Week 2: Complete Through Connection

Week 2: Complete Through Connection

- 4/15/2021

Build This House

Text: Ephesians 4:11-16

  1. Justin mentioned his experience with his kids at an ice cream shop. Share a funny experience when you had a moment where you were startled by your own immaturity.

  2. Do you prioritize your life around relationship and connection or around achievement and comfort? What changes do you need to make this week to arrange your life around relationships? Or how can you build your current relationships on the values of preferring, honoring and celebrating others?

  3. There is a deep connection between unity and maturity. Have you ever considered the truth that your spiritual growth is linked to your brothers and sisters in Christ? Talk about a way that you recently grown in your relationship with God because of relationship with another.

  4. You are called to contribute to God’s church in four ways listed below. Break up into groups of two or three and briefly answer each question.
            Your story – what is your unique story that will encourage others?
            Your strength – what are you good at that God wants to use for others?
            Your service – what are your unique gifts that others need?
            Your sacrifice – how can you give your time or resources to bless others?