Week 4: Becoming More

- 4/30/2021

Build This House

Text: Ephesians 2:13-22

Dear CG Leaders,
This week’s sermon topic is both profound and sensitive in nature. Let God fill your heart with his wisdom, grace and hope as you prayerfully prepare to lead your group. Be ready to lead the prayer time at the end. Be sure to invite others to pray out loud as well. You are greatly appreciated!| 

1. In your family of origin, was there a pecking order or a hierarchy of worth? In other words, did your family tend to rank people by appearance, status, education or political party? How did that impact you? How has that changed since you began following Jesus?

2. God’s plan for his Church is a people who no longer live in the world’s pattern of hostility towards others. Instead, we are called to welcome the stranger, care for the broken, and love our enemies. How has God prompted you to live not as ‘a mere human’, but more like Jesus? Where would you like to grow more in this area?

3. Read Ephesian 4:2-3. Forbearance means “I create space in my world for you to be you.” It means we see others through the ‘I and Thou’ lens. Allowing the other person to come as they are and treat them as one who bears the image of God.
a.) Talk about your current relationships. Where are you pre-judging, categorizing or labeling others? Why do you think you do that?
b.) What steps can you take this week to break this cycle?

4. End your time together in corporate prayer. Ask God to reveal judging or labeling you may feel towards others who are different than you. Choose to turn from that bias. Receive the forgiveness and love of God by faith. Now invite the Holy Spirit to show you ways to begin opening your heart to those who may have kept at a distance because of their differences. Receive the humility and compassion needed to love others more freely.