Week 6: This Family is Crazy

Week 6: This Family is Crazy

- 5/16/2021

Build This House

Text: Ephesians 5:21-33

1. What is one truth or concept from this week’s sermon you hoped we would discuss at group this week? Why is that?

2. In his sermon, Justin talked about doing what you don’t feel (loving, respecting another, etc), and in time God will work through your doing. When have you experienced this in a relationship? In other words, when have you done what God’s Word says (forgive, love, honor, etc) when the other person didn’t ‘deserve’ it? How did that change you? When have you received forgiveness, love, respect, etc when you didn’t deserve it? How did that impact you?

3. Throughout the text, Paul continues to compare how Jesus loves his Church to an earthly marriage. Take some time and read Ephesians 5:21-33. What actions do you see Christ doing for his Bride, the Church? Knowing that you are part of the Church, how does the actions of Jesus impact your soul? For example: verse 25 tells us that ‘Jesus loves and gave himself up for his Church’. How does that truth change your everyday life?

4. Break into groups of three or four. Take some time to pray for either the marriages represented in your group or ask each person to name one or two couples they want to pray for. Ask God for healing, restoration, new life, sacrificial love to overflow for each couple. Speak blessing over every couple and family.