Come What May

- 7/4/2021

Text: Philippians 1:21-26

1. Talk about a time in your life when you were excited to go somewhere, and it was canceled, or circumstances caused it not to happen. How did you react?

2. Joy begins at the moment of surrender to Jesus. Talk about a part of your life you are leaning on to produce joy (relationships, sports, money) and how you can surrender it to Jesus. What would those parts look like fully surrendered to Him?

3. Release of circumstance doesn’t always translate to joy. Paul wrote about and experienced peace and joy in a jail cell. What practical steps can you take to experience the peace and joy of Christ in the midst of your circumstances?

4. Share about a time when God brought someone into your life to be a conduit of His grace causing true peace and joy to flood your soul. How and with whom can you reproduce that in someone else’s life?

5. Spend some time together praising God for our eternal inheritance. Ask the Holy Spirit to produce joy in the midst of circumstances. Receive His joy with a thankful heart.