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CG Questions :: 28 to Change :: Part 2

  1. What might be attacking your rest and causing restlessness in your life? Could there be a deeper underlying issue to that restlessness? (an insecurity, the temptation to perform or prove your worth, a need for other’s approval, fears, etc.)

  2. Justin described how the word of God is living and active. He explained that as you approach it, it will come alive. Is God’s word alive in your life? Why or why not?

  3. Hebrews 4 describes the word of God as a ’two-edged sword.’ One side of the sword faces out, attacking the enemy while the other faces in, carefully and deliberately cutting away the parts of us that need to go. What is one area of your life that the word of God is currently trimming away?

  4. Over and over, Scripture tells us that we were not created to operate outside of God. Doing so is to live self-reliant. Where in your life are you living self-reliant right now?