Question Detail

CG Questions :: 28 to Change :: Part 4

  1. How did this week’s sermon personally impact you?

  2. What is one thing from this past weekend's sermon that you hoped we would talk about as a group?

  3. Justin talks about our position towards God in prayer and how that determines our readiness to receive from Him.  Does your current “positioning” provide the opportunity for you to receive what God intends for you to receive? 

  4. Again, with the power of your prayers coming from the position from which you pray, what might your life look like 1 year from now if you consistently applied this truth in your life? 

  5. Do you have big audacious prayer requests coming out of your heart?  Take some time to write down 3 “big asks” that you would like to see Jesus step into in your life that would require big faith and a mighty work from His hand to fulfill.