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CG Questions :: 7th Anniversary

1. What concept or principle from this week’s sermon did you find particularly helpful, insightful or difficult to grasp?

2. All of us can struggle with religion, that is, attempting to reach God through effort, religious deeds or convincing ourselves that we are good enough. Where in your life does this tendency tend to creep into your heart?
How did this week’s sermon impact that propensity towards religion?

3. The essence of the Gospel is that God has orchestrated circumstances to bring you to a place where religion no longer works, and you are aware of your own insufficiency. Talk about your collision with the grace of God during that season. How did God reveal His love and grace to you then? How did your life change because of that?

4. In the sermon, Justin talked about how Naaman was pretty put off by the simple direction to dip 7 times in a dirty river. Being a man of status and power, he was looking for a more profound or grander gesture for his healing. Talk about a time in your life when God prompted you to a simple act of obedience that you resisted.
Why did you resist? How has your heart changed since then?
OR talk about a time when you obeyed that simple act of faith. What happened as a result of that obedience?

5. We are made complete as we submit to grace. In order to fully accept this statement as truth, we must cease striving, stop struggling for God’s approval, lay down our pride and embrace our insufficiency and deep need for grace.
How would your life look differently, if today you took that first step and received more fully God’s grace? What would change? What would look different? How would your actions, habits and relationships change?
Take some time to talk honestly about this, then break into groups of two and pray for one another to begin a new journey of grace starting right now.