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CG Questions :: Borderlands :: Part 1

Dear CG Leaders,

As you are aware, this week’s sermon addressed some difficult and sensitive topics – specifically abortion and the value of human life (regardless of age or ability). Please exercise discernment as you approach these questions. Watch for members of your group who have been affected by these issues. This may be a time when they open up for prayer. Also, be mindful that our approach to these issues, while biblical, is always done with love & grace. Please guide the discussion with these things in mind.

    1. Justin mentioned two personal experiences he had with his grandmother and, later, his aunt at the times their deaths. He sensed the sacredness or value of life.
        What has been your experience with the issue of life and death?

    2. The pervading philosophy in culture is that human beings deserve rights and protection based on their capacity. We face the issue of devaluing people when they fail in their capacity to reason or be productive.
        - To what extent did your family of origin adhere to this philosophy?
        - How has your spiritual journey changed your perspective of the value of human life?

    3. The Christian faith is based on the belief in Imago Dei. This means that God used Himself as the blueprint when He designed mankind – when He designed every single person. Therefore, the foundation of our worth is not built upon our ability or capacity, but solely on the truth that we are created in God’s image.
        - How does this effect your perspective on some of the issues discussed in the sermon? (These issues include abortion, care and treatment of the elderly & the intellectually impaired.)
        - How will this affect your day to day interactions with others? Consider the people in your life, and be specific.

    4. This is a sensitive question. If you choose to answer this one, breaking into groups by gender is strongly suggested. Also, prior to the meeting be sure you have a mature leader in each of the groups. This will help keep the discussion focused on grace and forgiveness.
        As we consider the serious issue of abortion, we hold to the truth of Imago Dei – created in the image of God. This causes us to not only want to protect the baby, but it gives us a deep desire to extend God’s forgiveness and love to the parents involved. Who in your life needs grace extended for this very reason? Take some time together and pray for those affected by abortion.

    5. Eternal beings carry intrinsic value. Take some time and pray for those you know who are far from God. Say their names out loud. Pray bold prayers of faith. It’s God’s will that all would come to know Him. Look for opportunities this week to share Christ with them.