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CG Questions :: Borderlands :: Part 2

Dear CG Leader,

This week’s sermon topic was another controversial and difficult subject to approach. Please use your discretion as you lead your group. You may decide to break into gender specific groups this week. You will need to be sure the love and grace found in the Gospel pervades the conversation. If you need any support as you prepare, please reach out to your CG Coach. Thank you for prayerfully leading this discussion.
  1. Think about your ethnicity, upbringing and the familial gender stereotypes that you grew up with. How well did you fit into them? How did these stereotypes leave you feeling (angry, oppressed, fearful, accepted etc)? What particular concept or principle from the sermon spoke to your heart concerning these feelings or stereotypes?

  2. Christians believe that our thoughts and feelings can deceive us, and that we should not allow them to be our inner compass. This is quite contrary to today’s culture. Where in your life do you encounter this tension between being led by feelings or thoughts, and being guided by God (or biblical truth)? How do you handle this tension?

  3. Since Adam and Eve, we have all struggled with autonomy, that is – believing that separating ourselves from God will bring true freedom. When we begin to follow Jesus, we forsake that autonomy and surrender our lives to God. Talk about some significant moments in your spiritual journey when you did just that – turned from self to God. What practical changes did you make? How did this impact your life?

  4. Justin talked about the spectrum of brokenness that everyone finds themselves on. What areas of your life do you long for more of Jesus, for more freedom & wholeness? What is one step you can take this week to enter into greater freedom?

  5. The Church must be a listening and compassionate church that embodies the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We may not endorse a lifestyle or choice, but all must know that they are welcome. Honestly evaluate your own heart towards others. Do you tend to keep people who are different at an arm’s distance – perhaps, judging, looking down on or even mocking them? What steps can you take this week to be more like Jesus in how you treat others?