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CG Questions :: Borderlands :: Part 3

  1. Were you surprised by the statistics Mike presented about loneliness in the beginning of his sermon? Why or why not?

  2. Deep in the heart of everyone is a need to answer the questions, “Do I matter?” and “Am I valuable?”. Most of lean either toward achievement or relationships to meet these needs. Historically, which of these two have you leaned towards? How has that changed since you began following Jesus?

  3. Just like God told Adam and Eve to tend the garden, He still asks us to do the same. This time, though, it’s the garden of our hearts. Each day, relationships provide the opportunity for things like bitterness, envy, anger, fear or offenses to spring up in our hearts. Share with one another the spiritual disciplines you practice in order to tend your own heart. Is there any that you’ve heard this evening that you’d like to add to your life?

  4. The lie that says “I KNOW BETTER” can rob us of the humility needed to truly walk in God’s revelation in regards to relationships. What relationship do you need more wisdom from God in order to navigate better? What hinders you from receiving and walking in that wisdom? What steps do you need to take this week to apply that wisdom to your relationships?

  5. Today’s culture breeds the unrealistic expectation that we should have immediate access to everyone. Where is this struggle for you? Do you fail to keep healthy boundaries with others? Or do you give too many people unlimited access to your life? What step can you take this week to honor and respect both yourself and others by creating healthy boundaries?