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CG Questions :: Borderlands :: Part 4

Dear Community Group Leader,
It’s essential that tonight you break up into same gender groups for these questions. This week’s sermon dug into so many aspects of sexuality – these questions reflect that same level of seriousness. You know your group - as you prepare, prayerfully think through how the groups will break up. Our goal for this discussion is honesty and vulnerability.

Also, please remind your group members about the Redemption Prayer Nights.
· Friday, March 23 – North Campus, 161 Mill Rd, North Haven – 7:00 pm
· Saturday, March 24 – Middletown Campus, 653 S Main St, Middletown - 7:00 pm

1. Were you surprised by the statistics Justin mentioned in his sermon on Sunday? Why or why not?
    Reminder of stats:
    · Pornography use increases the chance of marital infidelity by 300%
    · when a couple lives together before marriage: there’s an 80% higher likelihood of divorce – women are 4x more prone to depression and 2x more likely to be physically abused.
    · 54% of women have received unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances & 95% of those advances have gone unpunished

2. As you were growing up, how did that “ache for intimacy in your soul” play out in your choices or behavior? How has that changed or carried on into adulthood? How has your journey with     Christ impacted this need?

3. We learned that the cultural norm of giving yourself away with sexual expressions (that are outside God’s loving boundaries) lead to souls that are fragmented and broken. This     fragmentation can show itself in many ways. It could be distrust of others, struggles in current relationships because of your past, unhealthy emotions (anger, unforgiveness, shame, etc.),     addictive behaviors or a host of other things.
        - Talk honestly about any fragmenting or brokenness you are dealing with now.
        - What are some areas where God has healed your brokenness? Share with others how God accomplished this healing.

4. Union with God is intimacy perfected.
    There is great freedom and hope found in the Gospel. The grace of God has appeared through Jesus, and as you accept Him by faith – loving union with God is possible!
        - What is hindering you from fully embracing this truth? (that God loves you and desires daily, intimate relationship with you)
        - What is one step you can take this week to live in this truth?

Prayer Time: The questions and conversation tonight were probably difficult for all of us, in one way or another. Take the time now, in groups of two, to pray for one another.

During the prayer time: release your sin, struggles, and concerns to God, receive His forgiveness and the faith to live in His grace and purity.