Question Detail

CG Questions :: Build the City :: Part 1

  1. When you were younger, what did you dream about doing or being? How did that dream change as you got older?

  2. What piece of this week’s sermon spoke to you the most?

  3. We have the tendency to talk negatively about ourselves, labelling ourselves failures who will never be able to accomplish what we believe we are called to. Mike spoke on the reality that God is our creator who is hurt when we believe a way about ourselves that is contrary to Him. In what part of your life do you need to start listening to God’s voice rather than you own or others?

  4. In his sermon, Mike shared, “Sometimes you ask for the diploma when God is saying that you aren’t even done with 8th grade yet.” Try to define the season or process your life is currently in. What are you doing to build vision for your life?

  5. Vision fulfills God’s purpose in you. We need to position our heart to receive from Him. What is keeping you from approaching and asking God for vision? When was the last time you sought and pressed into God about your purpose?