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CG Questions :: December 13, 2020

CG Questions, 12.13.20

Sermon Title: The Miracle is in the Mix

Text: John 9:1-7

Sermon point: The vision of God advances through those who walk before they see.

1. What is a truth from one the past four sermons that God has used to begin a profound change in your life?

2. As you were growing up, was your family’s tendency to think that bad things or suffering happens because you did something wrong?

    That is, too often you look to place the blame for bad things on someone or some choice you made. How has that changed since you’ve been following Jesus?

3. 2020 has been a year of lack of clarity, plans interrupted, and lots of change. How has God used this year to change your focus from extreme busyness to seeing people around you?

   What opportunities have you had to love and care for others these past few months?

4. In John 9, Jesus anoints what is common (dirt and spit) to begin the healing of the blind man. The third ingredient is the man’s willingness to walk before he could see.

This week, how is God specifically inviting you to increase your walk of faith? Who are the people you need to reach out to tomorrow? What other acts of faith is God calling you to now?

5. Take some time together and commit all your answers to question #4 to God in prayer.