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CG Questions :: Easter

Have a plan for a time of worship at the very end of group. Perhaps, have 1 or 2 worship songs ready to play.  

  1. During this COVID crisis what have been some of the questions you’ve been asking God?  

  2. How did the truths and concepts of this week’s sermon address those questions? Talk specifically about what you sense God saying in response to your questions, concerns or fears.

  3. Justin mentioned in his sermon that Jesus wants to meet you in the mess. This means that God is initiating, planning and calling you to meet with Him.
    How have you sensed and responded to this invitation from God during the quarantine?
    How can you increase your response time to Jesus in the coming week?

  4. For all of time, God has been trying to convince humanity of this truth: I am not far. I am not distant. I am here!
    In your life right now, where do you see that truth impacting your life?
    Where in your life do you need to begin embracing that truth?
    How would your life look different if you believed his words, “I am here”?

  5. The problem is not God’s availability but our awareness of His availability.
    Take some time in prayer and worship. In prayer, tear down the lie that whispers "God is close to some but not me." Break the shame and assumptions in our minds that convince us God is not near. Then, receive the truth of Easter – He is here! He is near! Jesus rose from the grave so that when we reach out, God will be found. 

Finally, worship together. Celebrate what Jesus accomplished in his death and resurrection.