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CG Questions :: Father's Day Sermon

Note to our CGLs: This week’s sermon may touch on a sensitive or painful area in the lives of your group members: the impact their earthly fathers had on their lives. Please review all the questions and spend some time in prayer for your group. As you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to facilitate this week’s group. Should you break into groups of 3? Should the groups be gender specific? Would a large group be better? As the leader, God will show you how to lead according to His heart for your group.
Also, ask God to help you prayerfully discern which questions are the ones you should discuss.

1. We all have had different experiences with our earthly fathers. Justin talked about fathers who bring instability or stability, fathers who are unsupportive or those who cultivate our dreams, and absent fathers or those who make their presence felt in a positive and loving way.
- what was your experience in your family of origin?
- how has that experience impacted your spiritual journey?

2. When in your life did you sense that intangible ache (that we all experience at one time or another) of your need for a Father?
How has your relationship with Jesus begun to fill that need or that ache?

3. Justin talked about an emotional unpredictability that fosters instability.
-What has been your experience with this type of unpredictability? (this could be a close family member or friend, or even your own emotions)
-How has your life and walk with Jesus created greater stability in your life, your home?
-What step will you take this week to strengthen the emotional stability of your home?

4. We all have a God-given dream within our hearts. Do you have a sense of that dream? If so, share briefly.
-Who is cultivating that dream in your life? That is, who encourages, supports and challenges you to grow and pursue your dream?
-Who, in your life, needs you to help cultivate their dreams? What practical step can you take this week to encourage that person?

5. Justin talked about the deepest doubt that we can struggle with – the doubt that whispers “Is there really a Good Father?”
Are you struggling with this today? Take the time to pray for one another.
-Take some time and talk about what it means to allow God to father you. Share ways that you have sensed the fatherhood of God at different times in your life.

If possible, end your group with prayer. If members need specific prayer in the areas of healing, forgiveness, receiving God’s love ask other trusted members to pray for them.