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CG Questions :: February 2nd, 2020 :: Mike Schnepp

  1. Mike Schnepp shared various stories of rejection and disappointment. Have you ever experienced disappointment? When was it that you first experienced disappointment? Would you share your story with your group?

  2. Lasting hope begins with eternal grace
    Mike shared that we all have a tendency when things get difficult to look for something to cling to and have thoughts like, “well, at least I still have….” Everything that we put our trust in will eventually fade or fail. What earthly things are you putting your trust in? What is God calling you to let go of and trust Him with?

  3. Lasting hope flows through an open heart
    Mike talked about when debris gets in the way of a river it can quickly go from beautiful living water to a smelly mess. This can happen with our hearts as well. What debris is God calling you to get rid of in your heart? What steps do you need to take this week to walk in freedom so you don’t allow that debris back in?

  4. Mike gave us four practical steps to raise lasting hope: confirm your identity, take inventory of your heart, memorize His promises and don’t go it alone. How will you implement these four things this week in order to raise lasting hope?