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CG Questions :: Finding Colossus :: Part 1

  1. Justin started off this sermon series talking about the ancient city of Rhodes, the 108 foot statue of Colossus and the myths told about this statue. When you consider what happened to the ruins of the statue and that there is something in us looking for a truth big enough to be afraid of….deep inside us there is a Colossus story….there is a divine spark in you! What hopes do you have for yourself coming into this sermon series?

  2. Justin discussed how in garden of Eden there is the Tree of Life and that there is also a second tree—the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. A serpent lies to Eve. She first doubts God’s truth, then she doubts His fairness, then she begins to doubt her role in the story—then both her and Adam choose disobedience. There is a progression that occurs before she disobeys. Discuss this progression with your group. Do you notice a tendency of progression that you fall into before disobedience in your own life? Discuss.

  3. It’s in Christ that we find what we are living for. 
    What have you been living for? Is there an area that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about that needs to be fully surrendered to Christ in order to find full satisfaction in Him? What action will you take to respond to the Holy Spirit this week?

  4. The reckless, unhindered pursuit of Christ leads to the full revelation of self.
    Justin asked us the questions—Do you really know who you are? What exists under the waters of your soul? Who has God really destined you to be? You will only find the answers to these questions by seeking Him. What actions will you take this week to spend more time seeking Him so you can begin pondering and answering these questions?

Justin reminded us, just like Wendy says to Peter in Peter Pan—“Peter, you must remember, you need to go back, don’t you know who you are?” The Spirit of God wants to call you back….He wants to remind you of your identity!