Question Detail

CG Questions :: Finding Colossus :: Part 6

  1. Which sermon point did you find most powerful? Why do you say that?

  2. As you were growing up, how did your family of origin handle change? Was change embraced or resisted? How has that impacted your spiritual journey so far?

  3. In Justin's sermon, he mentioned 3 practical ways to begin to re-program your mindset. They were:

    Feed on Truth
    : God’s Word overrides my opinion.
    Fight Destructive Thoughts: Rather than accept every thought we must filter them through the governing principles of God’s Word.
    Focus on Eternity: Heaven isn’t just a future destination, it’s a present perspective.

    Now, take some time and discuss these questions.

    This week, how will I increase my time feeding on God’s Truth? What will this time look like? What am I expecting God to do in me during these times?

    What are one or two specific destructive thoughts that I tend to replay in my mind? What is a Biblical truth that undoes that destructive lie? When can I make time in my day to pray these verses over my mind?

    Right now, who are 2 people I know who are far from God? How can I reach out to them this week (and the weeks ahead) and share the Gospel with them? Remember ‘sharing the Gospel’ is simple. It’s just your story! Who you were before following Jesus, how you collided with his grace and who you are now that He is your Lord.