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CG Questions :: Finding Colossus :: Part 6B

  1. As you reflect on Sunday’s sermon, what one concept or principle stands out as being particularly helpful, insightful or difficult to grasp?

  2. Take some time and discuss Justin’s sermon prop. How much do you relate to feeling stuck in the old life? Does the new life in Christ feel unattainable? Why is that?

    Share some examples of how God has moved you from the old into the new self. What were the catalysts that propelled you forward?

  3. The journey into the new life is founded on the work of Jesus, At the same time, God calls us to partner with Him in some very practical ways.

    First practical: Feed on Truth. How has God’s Word transformed your soul? Share a specific verse or passage that you are ‘chewing’ on this week. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

    Second practical: Fight Destructive Thoughts. Do you tend to be passive with your thought life, that is, accepting every thought as true? Or have you learned to replace those destructive thoughts with truth? Spend some time honestly discussing this. Then, together, find one way this week to begin renewing your mind with truth. Then, decide who you will be accountable to in this journey.

    Third practical: Focus on the Eternal. Does your life reflect a perspective of the reality of eternity? To answer this question, consider how you spend your time, talents and resources. What is one way you sense God nudging you to make heaven a present perspective now?

  4. Vox is taking the Church at Home model week by week, as we all navigate the current circumstances. Take some time and talk about how Church at Home has the potential to strengthen relationships. Who in your group would like to host a Church at Home Group? Who will you invite this coming Sunday? Just take a few minutes and pray that many would come to know Christ at this time. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you who to invite.