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He Is :: CG Questions :: Part 6

  1. Jesus is trying to tell us that we need to be with the Father, and “I am the way to get there.”  God doesn’t say I am the “guide” to the way. He says that HE IS the way.
    -How are you currently living that proves you know God as the way and not just as your guide?

  2. Jesus provides PERFECT proximity. As close as Jesus is to the Father, that is how close you are to him.
    -Do you live in your heart like you have perfect proximity? How can you this week make steps towards living more fully in this way?

  3. Jesus is Gods revelation of Reality.
    -Do you live as though God this just your truth? Or do you live like He is THE truth?

  4. To know God as father is to come home. Knowing God as your father is to know that sense of home that we are all looking for.
    -In what ways do you feel that living this way has had an effect on your life? If you don’t feel like you are living with God as your father, how can you begin to believe that and start living as if he is?

  5. Break into groups of 3-4 and pray for one another that this week you would feel the closeness of Jesus as a good father and that the chains that bind you such as guilt, shame, or past pains would fall off in every way so that you can experience a full knowledge of who He is.