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CG Questions :: Hebrews XI :: Part 1

  1. There’s a longing in everyone’s heart to gain acceptance or approval. We all desire approval from parents, family, friends, spouse, etc. We also long for acceptance from God. Often, we find ourselves in classic religion that strives to earn God’s love. When you were growing up, how did your family express (or not) acceptance or approval?

  2. How surprising was it to learn that approval from God comes by faith? How did your perspective of God’s love and approval for you shift because of this truth? How will that change impact your everyday life? Be specific.

  3. Faith prioritizes relationship with God above all. What would your life look like if you fully believed and acted upon this statement? Consider all realms of your life – your time, relationships, activities, money – everything. What steps will you take this week to prioritize your relationship with God?

  4. Faith surrenders personal reputation. Talk about a time when your faith in Jesus had social implications in your life. Perhaps, faith cost you acceptance from family or friends, or status within your personal or professional community. How did this affect you? How did your relationship with God deepen during this time?

  5. Faith is defined as an awareness of the invisible world that produces conviction leading to action. What step of faith stands in front of you right now? That is, where is God asking you to trust Him and take a step based on your knowing and believing in His goodness?