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CG Questions :: When Hearts Align

  1. What was one concept or principle from this week’s sermon you hoped we’d talk about at community group?

  2. The human heart often takes good things and makes them ultimate things. That is, we think things other than God will satisfy our deepest desires.  What in your life do you think falls into this category? How has your spiritual journey changed the importance of these things? What step do you sense God prompting you to take this week to re-order your heart towards God?

  3. You can’t cure a spiritual problem with a material solution.  When in your life have you mis-diagnosed a heart problem or issue and thought something material (a new purchase, a relationship, a vacation, etc) would settle your soul? After hearing this sermon, how has your perspective changed?

  4. The story in Luke shows that the plans this covetous man made for bigger barns makes sense if this life was all there is. He failed to make plans in light of eternity.  Where do you see this tendency in your life? To answer this question, take inventory of your thoughts, how you spend your time and money, your heart’s affections, and of your relationships. Do any of these occupy more of your heart and mind than relationship with God?

    Then read John 17:3. This verse tells us that eternal life is found in knowing God. Take some time together in prayer. Start with repentance, that is telling God you’re sorry for not giving Him the place in your life that He deserves. Receive His forgiveness and thank Him for cleansing you from all the sin you’ve confessed. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the specific steps you need to take this week. Share what God is showing you with a trusted friend this week over coffee.

  5. Eternity becomes tangible as your generosity is made practical.

    The 3 giving principles Justin discussed were:
    Grow your faith through Priority giving. This act of faith makes giving to the work of the local church the first thing we do. 
    Grow my hope through Percentage giving. You set your hope on eternity and this is reflected in your obedience to tithing (10% giving of your income).
    Grow my love through Progressive giving. Your love for God is seen in your willingness to stretch and increase in your giving over time.

    This week how will you begin to integrate your genuine faith with a generous life by embracing one of these 3 principles in obedience?