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CG Questions :: Nancy Silva :: The Two Laughs

  1. What was one concept or sermon point you found helpful, insightful or difficult to grasp? Why is that?

  2. As you reflect on your spiritual journey, share one personal encounter you had with God that helped stabilize your faith.

  3. To what degree have you allowed circumstances (failures, successes, disappointments, etc) define you? How has your walk with Jesus shifted this view of your identity?

  4. In order to exchange our laughter of unbelief for the laughter of grace, we must allow the Gospel to seek deep into our souls.

  5. Talk about the specific areas of your life that need a deeper gospel transformation. In other words, what parts of your life lack freedom, joy, peace, mercy, etc. (think about your relationships, how you spend your time/money/resources, dreams, sin struggles, etc).

  6. What two practical steps can you take this week to cooperate with this transformation?

  7. Break into groups of 3 or 4. Pray for one another this specific prayer: “Lord, exchange our broken laughter for your laughter of grace.” Allow the Holy Spirit to work through you as you pray. Trust that God wants to use your voice to strengthen and encourage one another.