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CG Questions :: November 22, 2020

CG Questions: November 22, 2020

Title: More than Alive Part 2: Set it in Motion

Discussion Questions:

1. The woman in the story of 2 Kings 4 found herself in a place of significant deficit. Where have you been operating from a place of deficit over the last few months? Have you wrestled with an emotional deficit? Financial deficit? Relational deficit? Where do you need God to intervene?

2. The widow in the story overlooked what she had in her house. Sometimes we overlook what we have because it doesn’t look like an answer to our need. Share with your group two or three blessings in your life right now. 

3. The oil in her house represents the Holy Spirit in our lives. No matter how empty we may seem, the Holy Spirit is always more than enough. But nothing changed until the woman set the power of God in motion by her act of faith. What can you do right now to activate your faith? How can you express trust in God right now in your life?

4. End your time together by praying for each person in your group by name.