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CG Questions :: November 8, 2020

CG Questions, 11.8.20

Sermon: Rise to Become

Text: Ephesians 2:13-22

Sermon Points:

  •  Remove the Walls
  •  Renew Your Mind
  •  Rise to Become

Discussion Questions:

1. Walls have many great benefits. They provide safety and security. But the internal walls we build are detrimental to connection.

    What are the circumstances or situations that cause you to build those internal walls? 

2. These walls create separation that inflates imagination, leading to suspicion and assumption about others.

    What has been your personal experience with this process? How has your walk with Christ broken this unhealthy cycle? 

3. “BUT NOW”. Read Ephesians 2:13. The Gospel brings the ultimate “but now” into our lives.

    This verse tells us that what we once were, is not who we are now in Christ.

    Spend some time sharing about the deep and tangible changes you’ve experienced as you follow Christ. 

4. Read Ephesians 2:19-22. These verses reveal 3 layers of identity.

    - New citizenship – your primary identity is as a citizen of heaven.

    - Members of a household – you are part of a spiritual family.

    - Temple of God – God’s purpose for you to be a collective part of His Body.

    What is the Spirit of God stirring in your heart as you hear these truths?

5. This week how will you:

    - Remove the walls you’ve built in your heart between you and others?

    - Renew your mind so that you will see yourself in the truth that your primary identity is a son or daughter of God.

    - Rise to become a living and connected part of the Family of God?