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CG Questions :: October 11, 2020

CG Questions 10.11.20 

Sermon Title: Conversational Space 

Text: John 21: 1-14 

Discussion Questions: 

1.    The average American checks their phone 96 times per day. Does this sound like you?  

        Why do you think we have become so addicted to our screens? How do you think this obsession is affecting your soul?

        What changes can you make this week? 

2.    Often, we have a propensity to seek fulfillment in anything BUT a relationship with Jesus.

        Maybe you feel tired or numb, and find yourself working too much, buying things you can’t afford, polishing off that bag of M&Ms

        or  something else. 

        Is this your life experience right now? If yes, why is that so? 

        If not, share some of the ways God is drawing you into a closer relationship with him.  

        How is that relationship bringing greater freedom in your soul? 

3.    Conversational space is needed not just in relationships with others but within our own souls. This is a place of pause, thought, and concentration.

        It’s a place where the waters are still. A place to meet with God. 

        Honestly assess your current daily life? Do you make time for this space? Why or why not? 

        What would you need to do to consistently make this conversational space in your life? 

        (discuss the practical changes you’ll need to make immediately) 

4.     Quit keeping score all together and surrender all your sinfulness to God who sees neither the score nor the scorekeeper but only his child redeemed by Christ.”  

        What truths or concepts from the sermon can you apply to step into this type of freedom in Christ?

        How can you stop comparing, competing, and trying to prove your worth? 

5.    Solidify a plan to make the practical changes you discussed in question #3.

        Pray for one another for strength, grace, and courage to implement these changes consistently.