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CG Questions :: October 25, 2020

CG Questions 10.25.20

Sermon title: Sacred Connection 

Text: John 15:1-17

Sermon points: 

  • Prioritize Connection
  • Internalize Connection
  • Uproot Independence
  • Choose Love

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you experienced the truth that being a follower of Jesus means you can change?

    What does that look like for you?

2. Talk about the inner changes you’ve experienced as a new creation in Christ. In other words, the way your desires,

    affections, and choices have been transformed by the love of God. How have these changes brought joy into your life?

3. According to John 15, our role in staying connected to God is to abide or remain.

    What are the things that feed the sense of disconnection from God? Is it sin, disbelief, busyness, or something else?

    How can laying those things down strengthen your abiding in Jesus?

4. Talk through the four sermon points that help you keep a connection with Jesus.

  • Prioritize Connection: what needs to happen this week for you to honestly prioritize your relationship with Jesus? 
  • Internalize Connection: your heart can’t change if all you have is a to-do list. You must change the story of your life to one who abides in Christ. What are the false beliefs you need to replace with the truth of the Gospel?
  • Uproot Independence: In what areas of your life do your need to surrender your autonomous self and accept the truth that part from Jesus you can do nothing?  
  • Choose Love: What is one choice you can make this week to choose love and put someone else’s needs before your own?