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CG Questions :: Palm Sunday At City Church

1. What concept or principle from this week’s sermon did you most agree or disagree with? Why was that?

2. In his sermon, Justin talked about a “spirit of celebration”. This is about remembering and rejoicing. Was this something that was embraced in your family of origin? Why or why not? 

3. Talk about the things in your life now that inspire celebration.

4. Justin defined hope as an inner celebration inspired by convincing evidence. On a scale of 1 to 10, how full of hope are you? What is inspiring that hope? What is hindering that hope?
What one concept from the sermon would you like to apply to your current experience with hope? That is, what step can you take this week to more fully embrace a spirit of hope?

5. God’s process is unpredictable, but His promises never fail.
In light of this principle, consider these questions & talk about your spiritual journey.
- When has God’s process in your life surprised you? How did that impact your relationship with God?
- What promise are you still waiting for? How hopeful are you in the waiting?
- This week, what spiritual discipline or step can you take to increase real hope in your heart?