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CG Questions :: Prepare Him Room

  1. Answer these personal inventory questions together:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, do you struggle with “Hurry Sickness”? Describe why you chose that number? 

    How does your hurried life impact your peace of mind? How does your hurried life impact your personal relationships? 

    Are you an ‘outside’ busy person or an ‘inside’ busy person? Talk about what that looks like in your life? 

  2. Intentionality attracts God’s Presence. How can you prepare Him room in your life this week? Think about your time, your habits, your routines and your choices. What real changes can you make this week to make space for intentional room for time with your relationship with God? Be specific.

  3. As you have made God your highest pursuit what miracles have been born from within you? In other words, in your spiritual journey how have seen God work in you and change your life? 

  4. Do you approach God carrying old wounds? Things like unrealized dreams, expired hopes or past offenses? Justin talked about God exposing wounds in order to heal our souls and bring us to the place of encounter with Him. Break into groups of 2 or 3 and share one area that you need to release in order to draw closer to God. Pray for one another for freedom.