Question Detail

CG Questions :: Reach :: Part 1

  1. What sermon point did you hope we would discuss at group today?

  2. In your family of origin, how was hope viewed? In other words, did your family lean more towards hope or hopelessness? How has that changed since you became a follower of Jesus?

    CGLs: For the next two questions, consider breaking into smaller groups. This may encourage more honesty and vulnerability.

  3. (part one) In his sermon, Justin mentioned the spectrum of hopelessness. In this spectrum, we move from frustration to desperation to hopelessness. Think about one or two areas of your life where you are lacking hope. Take a few minutes and share those areas, and what you’re hoping to see change. 

  4. (part two) The second spectrum Justin mentioned was the spectrum of hope. In this realm, we move from action to heart change to assurance. Use the one or two ‘hopeless’ areas you mentioned in the last question to answer these:

    Action: this week, how can you practically step out in faith on a God promise for this area?

    Heart: what attitudes do you need to lay down in order for hope to arise?

    Assurance: pray for one another, that the Holy Spirit would fill each of you with confidence that God is working as you believe.

  5. Your song is a seed. This week someone you know who is far from God needs to hear your ‘song’ of hope – that is, how your life has changed because of placing your faith in Christ. Take a few moments and ask God to put someone on your heart. Pray together for those people. Name their names and then step out in faith next time you see them!