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CG Questions :: September 13, 2020

CG Questions – 9.13.20 

Title: Jesus Carries Me 

Text: Mark 8:14-21 

Discussion Questions:

1.    On a scale of 1 to 10, how prone are you to obsess over the natural circumstances?

            In what ways are you interpreting your life through your issues and not the goodness of God?

            How do you sense God prompting you to begin to change this perspective? 

2.    You are called to live beyond the natural realm. What practical and consistent habits can you embrace this week to shift your perspective from a dull heart to living seated with Christ?

3.    In your spiritual journey, how have you specifically experienced the truth that ‘when you begin with less, you end up with more’?

           How has God worked through the truth that ‘the greater your dependence on God, the greater your impact’

4.    Life is not about what you can carry, it’s about internalizing the radically different way of life that believes ‘Jesus carries me’.  

            How would your life look different if you fully embraced and affirmed that core conviction?

            What if you let this conviction inform your current circumstances – how would it change your outlook?

5.     Take a few minutes and remember together. Share with one another about the goodness and faithfulness of God that you have experienced.

            Pray together from a place of gratitude as you end your group.