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CG Questions :: September 20, 2020

CG Questions 9.20.20 

Sermon: The Situation Room 

Text: Numbers 16:26-33 

Sermon Points: 

  • Understand: Your life is moving in the direction of the most influential voices around your table.
  • Silence the Crowd 
  • Rehearse the Promise 
  • Give Faith a Voice 

Discussion Questions: 

1.        We are living in a time surrounded by voices competing for our attention. During this time, how have you kept your heart and mind focused on the voice of God?

               What habits or practices have helped your heart stay anchored in Christ?

2.        Your life is moving in the direction of the prominent voice in your life or thoughts in your mind. 

            Take a few minutes and talk about those who have the most prominent voice in your life.

                Do you believe their influence is drawing you closer to Christ? Why or why not? 

                Do the thoughts you consider most build your faith in Jesus? Why or why not? 

                What is one concept from the sermon you could apply this week to assure these the voices and thoughts feed your faith? 

3.        Talk about a time when you assumed that if something was God’s will or his blessing it would come easy only to discover that there was a battle.

                How did you respond? How did you grow closer to Jesus in the process?

4.        What ‘voices’ are sitting at your table right now – fear, offense, laziness, lack, insecurity or something else?

                 How are these voices sabotaging your future and costing you a blessing? 

                 God is calling you to be a ‘Caleb’ – the believer, the new self that tells itself the promises of God.  

                  How can you practice these 3 concepts and begin to fill your life with holy faith and godly self-talk? 

                - Silence the Crowd: daily discipline and silence those negative voices. 

                - Rehearse the Promise: prophesy covenant promises over your life! 

                - Give Faith a Voice: the power of confession spoken out loud. 

        *Make a plan this week to implement these practices in your daily life.