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CG Questions :: Speak :: Part 6

Dear CGLs,
You know your group members the best! As we embolden them to share the Gospel within their circle of influence, please also encourage them to saturate their friends and family in prayer. Begin to create the culture of praying for the lost, and then reaching out from the place of hearing God’s voice. This isn’t meant to discourage spontaneously sharing our faith, but rather cultivating the norm of Holy Spirit evangelism. Especially in the context of question #4 – speaking with authority to those who are oppressed. Thank you for your faithful community group leadership!

1. Was there any concept or principle from this week’s sermon that you hoped we would discuss at group this week?

2. You are God’s plan to bring new birth to others.
How would your life look if you embraced fully this truth?
What hinders you from living fully in this truth?
- What practical step can you take this week to make this a reality in your interactions with others?

3. Search for the searching: some people are one conversation away from eternal life.
Take a few moments and think about all the people in your life who are far from God.
-Which ones fit into this category?
-What is preventing you from making time for this conversation?
-How can you make time this week?

4. Step out in God’s authority: Jesus brings freedom for the oppressed.
Who in your life right now needs to be told that they don’t need to live enslaved to addiction, depression, sickness, lust, fear, etc.?
Who in the group has shared this truth with friends already? Talk about how they approached people who were oppressed in some way. Think about things like: how to pray before reaching out, hearing the voice of God as you speak to them and how to walk & speak with God’s authority.

5. Sing through your suffering: God always has saving purposes for His children’s suffering.
Talk about past difficult experiences or situations in your when you saw God work in the lives of others through your suffering.
What is happening right now in your life that you desire God to use for His good?

Pray for one another for strength to see with eternal perspective and trust in the goodness of God in the midst of suffering.