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CG Questions :: Start With Yes :: Part 3

  1. What is one topic you’d hoped we would talk about today after hearing Justin’s message?

  2. Justin spoke on how we can tend to become committed to our comforts or habits. Are there any areas in your life where you can see a habit or comfort keeping you from having growth in your life?

  3. After Justin spoke on perspective, would you say you are living through the lens that God is at work in your story? Can you share a testimony of this in your life? Or maybe of a situation you are currently walking though that you are choosing to live as though God is intentionally at work?

  4. Justin spoke that growth will always require that you don’t avoid the moments of tension. How do you effectively approach the tension of your opinion and God’s word? What steps do you take or can you take to do this well in your life?

  5. How will your life look different after applying this week's sermon to your daily life?