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CG Questions :: Start With Yes :: Part 4

  1. Justin shared a story of a stressful dream he had. Have you ever had a dream like this? Share this with the group.

  2. Justin gave the statistic that 77% of Americans suffer from symptoms related to stress. What are some of the common symptoms of stress that you can think of? What are some things today that are causing the most stress for you? How stressed are you currently on a scale of 1-10?

  3. Justin shared that Hebrews 4:9-11 begins with the premise that there remains a rest for the people of God and that verse 10 tells us how to find it—that it comes from God’s rest. He shared a story of using a friend’s season pass and the treatment that came from the use of this season pass as if those seats were his; how he received all the benefits that came with that season pass even though they weren’t his seats. What would life look like for you if you truly lived like you were sitting in the seat reserved for you, in Christ--receiving all His benefits (including His peace)?
    ***Perfect peace comes as you believe that God is fully satisfied with you

  4. Where are you struggling with believing and trusting this truth, that God is fully satisfied with you? What will you change this week to walk in the truth that He is fully satisfied with you so that you can experience His perfect peace?

  5. Do you currently practice a Sabbath day of rest? If not, what is holding you back from trusting God in this way? What changes will you make in order to trust Him in the next two weeks to practice Sabbath rest?