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CG Questions :: The Color of Hope :: Part 2

  1. As you were growing up, what was your ‘in group’? Did you find yourself more comfortable with that group – that is, exercising a bias or preferential treatment? How did that carry into adulthood?

  2. Take a few moments and think about your family of origin, your socio-economic status, your experiences and other circumstances or situations that contribute to you viewing life from only your perspective? What are those limited perspectives? How is God challenging you to arise and live aware of others and their perspective?

  3. Healing begins as you rise above your own perspective. Intentional actions are needed for real change. Discuss the following questions:

    When was the last time you had someone of a different race or culture over your house for dinner or in your home?
    When was the last time you spent an hour or a day somewhere that you were a minority? Why did you answer as you did?
    What is God asking you to do in response to this?

  4. In the midst of all your pursuits in this life, there has been a God pursuing you. Even in the storm, seas, darkness, success, sun, shade – in every circumstance, there has been a Father pursuing you and your heart. Talk about the times you have sensed God speaking and showing Himself to you. How did that change you? How does this compassion that God has for you reveal and heal the prejudice that lurks within? How will this change your heart and actions this week?

  5. Even though Jonah’s behavior on the outside seemed void of prejudice, his inside assumptions still tainted his point of view. It’s one thing to have the outward optics of unity with those unlike you, it’s quite another thing to allow God to re-order the affections of our heart. 

    Break into groups of 2 or 3. Honestly discuss the areas of your heart that you sense God putting His finger on in regards to prejudice. Pray for one another that God would show you where your loves are dis-ordered. Ask Him to show you practical steps this week that you can take. Share those steps with one another.