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CG Questions :: The Moments That Make You :: Part 1

  1. Talk about your first experience of leaving home. What was it like? What emotions were involved?

  2. Talk about a few of your fondest memories from growing up – from your family of origin.

  3. As believers we find our identity in Christ. This often means forsaking patterns of thought or behavior that we grew up with for a more biblical view.
    -What patterns or unspoken values (from your family of origin) do you sense God revealing as a result of this week’s sermon?
    -Which one of these values stands out as an area where you need a new, biblical frame of reference for your thoughts and actions? In other words, what specific patterns from your family do you need to change?
    -What steps can you this week to begin engaging in change?

  4. Read Luke 14:26. What is your soul’s initial reaction to these words of Jesus?
    -In your life as a follower of Jesus, what current family allegiances do you feel are competing with your allegiance to God? Be specific.
    -What practical changes can you make this week to re-calibrate your allegiance to God first and foremost?

  5. God trains us for dependence, so He can trust us with abundance. Where in your life do you sense a need for greater humility in order to live free of self-reliance? Get in groups of two or three and pray specifically for one another that God would work in these areas of our lives – thus, creating a deeper dependence upon Him.