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CG Questions :: The Moments That Make You :: Part 4

  1. As you were growing up, what was your experience with the concept of sacrifice or working towards something greater for your life? Have you or anyone in your family had to sacrifice one thing for something or someone else? (think about your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.)

  2. The sermon this week spoke about Kairos moments, and how God uses some moments more strongly than others. Talk about a time in your life when you may have missed a moment. What stopped you from taking that step or that risk? AND/OR
    Talk about a time when you seized one of those kairos moments? What gave you the courage to take that step? How has that impacted your spiritual journey?

  3. Mike shared about Abraham’s powerful perspective of God. Abraham knew God as faithful and trustworthy. This perspective allowed Abraham to see the problem,but still make His promise a priority over the problem.
    Where is this “problem and promise” scenario playing out in your life right now? What practical steps are you taking to hold tight to God’s good promise to you?

  4. Where in your life are you settling for good instead of pressing into the great or the dream God has given you? What is hindering you from really going for it? What is one step you will take this week to begin pursuing the dream?

  5. The sermon spoke on the importance of the journey. God doesn’t just use the destination, but He uses the process to grow us and teach us. What destination are you fixated on today? What part of the journey or process do you need to embrace?