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CG Questions :: The Moments That Make You :: Part 5

  1. This week, Just talked about grief.  Take time to go around and share one experience of loss in your life.  This could be a person, situation, loss of a job, etc.

  2. Abraham's culture expected loss, and Justin spoke about the lengthy process of grieving that people went through at that time.  It is starkly different to what our culture says.  Based on this model, how have you experienced unhealthy grieving in your life?

  3. Justin taught that your soul grows larger through sorrow and suffering.  However, Americans tend to idolize happiness and try to avoid all sorrow and discomfort.  Does the thought of sorrow causing growth scare you?  Why or why not?

  4. Abraham went to great lengths to honor Sarah and her life.  We learned in the message that honoring creates a healthy connection to the past.  Where in your life do you need to honor something you have lost?  How can we use the model of Abraham to better honor the losses in our lives?

  5. Justin's final point is: "When you plant your life in God's promise, the seed always bring a harvest."  In your life right now, what is a promise you can plant yourself in?  Take time to look in the Bible for different promises and write one down in your journal to pray through during the week.  Break off into small groups to pray for one another - pray that each person would be planted in God's promise for their life.