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CG Questions :: The Moments That Make You :: Part 6

Dear CG Leader,
This week’s CG questions are a bit different. As you’ll see, the first question follows our usual format.
After that, you see a brief summary of the sermon points, with instructions and a question to discuss under each section. Last, please allow about 10 minutes at the end to pray for one another. See the Prayer Suggestion section at the bottom of this sheet.

INTRO QUESTION: This week’s sermon talks about success and legacy. As you were growing up, what was the assumed definition of success? How has that changed during your spiritual journey?

CG LEADER: Here are the main points of the sermon. Review each section with your group, and then discuss using the question provided.

Leaving A Legacy
Performance: I am what people think.
Acceptance: I am what God says.
Discussion question: In what areas of your life do you struggle with this performance mentality? What steps have you taken to overcome this?

Possessions: my value is in what I own.
Abundance: God is my greatest Treasure.
Discussion Question: How tied to possessions is your current definition of success? Why do you think this is so?

Productivity: my accomplishments make me important.
Accountability: God holds me responsible for my unique calling.
Discussion question: Do you struggle with comparing your life and accomplishments with others? How convinced are you of the truth that God has a unique race for you to run, a unique purpose for you to pursue?


Break into groups of 2 or 3. Take time to pray for each other individually. Speak encouraging, Biblical words of promise over one another’s lives. Remember to pray God’s blessing in the areas of God’s acceptance and abundance, and each person’s God-given sphere of service.
Trust the Holy Spirit to speak through you!