Question Detail

CG Questions :: The New True You

  1. What was one thing that stood out to you from this week’s sermon? What impacted you the most?

  2. Where would you say your own personal goals come from?

  3. Would you say that you have created your own personal identity for yourself or would you say that you have intentionally allowed God to “give you your name”?

  4. What do you think it means to “fight or contend for something in prayer?” Is there anything that you would say you need to fight for in prayer right now?

  5. As you survey your own life, does the evidence point to you being the kind of person that tends to trust the process or “rush” the process?

  6. Are there ways in your life that you are exhausting yourself through endless comparisons of yourself to other people or other people’s lives? What promises of God can you lay hold of that will help you to see those comparisons for what they are and gladly surrender them to Him?