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CG Questions :: The Rules of More :: Part 3

  1. How did this week’s sermon challenge you to deepen your walk with Christ?

  2. What kinds of challenges do you think you will face if you put this word into action this week?

  3. Specifically, after reading Matthew 6:19-21, how can you personally challenge yourself to actively set your love supremely on God?
    Justin gave two ways this can be evident in our lives:
    -Spend the 1st hour of every day alone with God
    -Give back to God the first 10% of your finances

  4. Justin challenged us with the prayer “Set love in order in me.” Do you sense something out of order at all in your heart? In what you do with your time? In what you treasure? Think about spending some time praying that prayer over any of those “out of order” things in your life with others in your group.