Question Detail

CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 1

  1. Who is your favorite superhero? Why is that?

  2. Reflect on the moment, the day or the season that your heart was first captivated by the grace found in the Gospel. Give one specific example of how your heart has changed from a religion of moral restraint to a life of supernatural grace. 

  3. In your life, what are the distractions that hinder your full participation in this present move of God in New England? Is it the good things, the busyness, the unexpected or something else that keeps you from really engaging in God’s fullness for your life? What practical steps will you take this week to push beyond these distractions?

  4. To realize your calling, you must recognize the battle. What is that battle for you?
    Is it your propensity to always have control, your aversion to commitment, your deep-seated New England skepticism or something else? Take some time and honestly share the battle you must face to wholeheartedly begin living in God’s call for you. Pray for one another.

  5. This week how will you practically prepare your heart for more of God? 
    Consider these 3 points:
    How will you build an altar? Prioritize His plans over yours.
    What steps will you take to pitch your tent? Put down roots and commit.
    When will you dig a well? Find purpose in living for something bigger than yourself.