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CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 2

  1. Take a moment and share something that God spoke to you this week through the Wake My Heart Journey Guide. Was it a scripture verse, a God-dream for your life, an action step God is prompting you to take or something else?

  2. Our present culture is experiencing an epidemic of hopelessness. People feel trapped in outward circumstances or inward struggles, anxieties and fears. As a follower of Jesus, the Gospel restores our hope even in difficult times. Encourage one another by sharing a time in your spiritual journey when God has restored hope and faith within you by His Spirit. 

  3. God wants to partner with each of us to bring glorious resurrection in the areas of life that feel dead or dry. Where in your life do you need God to breathe life? As a group, take a step of faith and partner with the Holy Spirit – pray and prophesy resurrection life over one another! Speak the promises of God over the circumstances and situations. By faith receive the goodness of God in these areas.

  4. In Ezekiel 37 God does a miracle that involves the obedience of his servant Ezekiel. In the same way, God is moving and calling His Church to respond to His heart. Vox has a specific work to do in this region. Talk about the 3 priorities laid out in the Journey Guide. What excites you the most? 

    Take some time and dream about how God is calling you to be part of this mission!

  5. Think about your response to question #4. God is calling for 100% commitment from 100% of His people. What is holding you back from making a commitment to make a commitment? Is it fear, distractions, self-absorbed living, lack of trust or something else? 

    What steps will you take this week to overcome those hindrances?