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CG Questions :: Wake My Heart :: Week 9

Wake My Heart, Week 9: Generosity

  1. Talk about one significant change God has worked in your heart through the Wake My Heart campaign? How has that change showed itself in your everyday life?

  2. In your spiritual journey, how has the truth about the love God has for you radically informed your point of view? Be specific. How has it enriched your relationships, changed your affections, transformed your choices and effected your resources?

  3. Our society is obsessed with measurement. We measure time, weight, steps, calories, macros….the list goes on and on. God’s ability is far beyond our capacity to measure. In order to grow spiritually mature, we must realize God can do more. But we are naturally inclined to embrace a scarcity mentality. Therefore, God wants to retrain our hearts towards an abundance mentality.  What practical steps will you take this week to restructure your point of view around God’s immeasurable ability? 

  4. God displays His glory by doing the impossible through His people. With every significant spiritual movement in history, there has always been a corresponding generosity movement. When Justin announced the total from the Wake My Heart commitments, how did this impact your soul? Talk about the spiritual revolution you are seeing in your life, your family and your community.

  5. We are a collection of impossible stories. Hearts changed, families reconciled, troubled marriages restored, addictions broken, forgiveness found – lives full of the grace of God!

    Take a few moments and share your impossible story. Then, thank God together for all He has done!