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CG Questions:: August 23, 2020

CG Questions 8.23.20 

Title: The Process of a Dream 

Text: Gen 45:25-46:4 

Discussion Questions: 

1.    What concept or truth from Joseph’s story can you most relate to? Why do you say that?

2.   Can you connect with the concept of ‘grabbing a dream before it had time to incubate’?

        In other words, getting frustrated, feeling disappointed, or giving up because life doesn’t look like you planned. 

        Talk specifically about this. How did God speak to that situation in this sermon? 

        What is one practical step you sense God telling you to take in relation to that dream? 

3.    When have you made the dream God gave you more important than God?

        How did you recalibrate your heart towards Jesus and make him your greatest hope? 

        If you are still struggling with this, how can the group pray for you to be able to surrender that dream and focus on God? 

4.    Think about your own story. Talk about different times when you’ve seen the fingerprints of God throughout your journey.

        As you recognize these fingerprints how does this strengthen your identity in Jesus?