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CG Questions:: July 26, 2020

CG Questions 7.26.20 

BRAVE series 

Title: A Yes Collection 

Text: Acts 10:1-21, 34 

Discussion Questions:  

1.  What’s one truth or concept that really stood out to you from the sermon. Why?

2. Justin talked about ‘yes’ is more than a word – it’s a mindset. It comes from the presupposition of God’s favor. And it flows from a heart that is convinced that God

    is good. 

            Talk about your ‘yes’ journey with Jesus so far. In other words, when have you surrendered your heart, your plans, your resources, or something else that             reflects a ‘yes’ to God?  

            How did this yes impact your life? 

3.  In the sermon, Justin asked a question. It went something like this:  

           "What if the last 5 months haven’t actually been a delay but a divine renovation project?" 

            "Maybe this season isn’t a detour – it’s a deconstruction of your false self and an opportunity for deep spiritual growth."

            Take a few moments and invite the Holy Spirit to reveal truth about changes God desires to make in you through your ‘yes’. 

            Talk about ways God has done an inner work of transformation as you’ve surrendered your plans, heart, resources, etc over these past few months. 

4. Where in your life right now do you need to say yes to God? What is keeping you from this? What practical step do you want to take this week in this area?